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Geek Cell provides IT services to startups and enterprises, giving them all the tools they need to be successful.

About Us

We Are Geek Cell.

We are a team of seasoned and passionate tech geeks, dedicated to helping you create great things. You can benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in building and managing highly scalable IT infrastructures and custom software solutions for startups, scaleups, and established enterprises alike. We take care of all the hard work, so you can focus on what matters most: your business.

Christian Kappen



IT professional since 2000

Main focus areas: Interims Management, Cloud migrations and infrastructure, CloudOps, SysOps, DevOps, Security, Databases, Test Automation

Pascal Cremer



IT professional since 2000

Main focus areas: Interims Management, C-Level coaching, System and service architecture, Cloud services, Docker and Kubernetes, CI/CD

Jerome Wolff


AWS Cloud Engineer

IT professional since 2014

Main focus areas: Cloud migrations and infrastructure, Cloud architecture, DevOps, Web and application development

Jan van Thoor

van Thoor

Sr. Software Engineer

IT professional since 2006

Main focus areas: Developing, scaling, maintaining and refactoring highly complex applications and systems, DevOps

Our Services

What We Offer

Cloud Migrations
We migrate your application and infrastructure to the cloud to ensure scalability and cost efficiency.
Data Storage
We are familiar with lots of different data storage technologies, from traditional relational databases to in-memory caches to complex distributed systems.
Cloud Operations
We manage various operational aspects of your cloud infrastructure, such as security, compliance, encryption, backups and recovery.
DevOps & Automation
We automate your development and delivery processes so that new features are shipped to your customers reliably and quickly.
Application & Service Architecture
We build modern, distributed, and event-driven software and service architectures depending on your needs and requirements.
Software Engineering
We are advocates of clean code principles and master a variety of modern programming languages, frameworks, and libraries for frontend, backend and servers.
Testing Strategies
We increase the quality of your software product by applying selected and proven strategies and tools for manual and automated testing.
Agile Processes
We embrace the agile way of working and support tech teams and organization in applying Scrum and Kanban to improve their workflow.
Interims Management & Coaching
We bring years of experience in building, developing and leading individuals, teams, managers, and entire tech organizations.
Who We Have Worked For

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